Christmas Cocktails & Appetizers Party!


I honestly don’t think we’ve ever hosted a Christmas party before – certainly not in recent memory! So, this year, we decided to host a Christmas cocktails & appetizer party. It was fun, and we’re still enjoying some of the tasty leftovers from the party!

John and I decided we would do several appetizers and a couple of “signature” cocktails – something festive! Everything worked out well, and we’re glad to have our holiday entertaining out of the way so that we can relax! ūüôā

I’ll post the recipes soon (and link them back to this post for your reference, too!).

Here was the lineup:
Peppermint Martini
Cranberry Margarita

Meatball sliders
Apple-onion mini tarts
Chorizo-stuffed dates wrapped in bacon
Goat cheese with raspberry chipotle jam
Shallot Tartes Tatin
Parmesan spinach balls
Hummus with veggies

Cranberry tartlets
Chocolate cocoa truffles


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